Death’s Conquest (Book One of the Spirits, Shadows and Death trilogy)


The first fantasy novel in a new trilogy by Richard C. Webb: Spirits, Shadows and Death, available now at the following retailers (synopsis below) and on this site in discounted hardcover:

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For nearly one thousand years Death incarnate has laid dormant on the borders of the Forwyne Kingdom in a place known as the Death Lands, biding his time. Banished from the heavens and loath to return to the underworld, he has settled for the mortal world with his eyes cast toward the realms of men to the east. With his fearsome army of Shadows, the time of his assault is near.

The High King of the Forwyne Kingdom, distracted by turmoil within his house and potential treason all around him, must turn to an untried young man from a remote village near the Death Lands. Together with an arrogant tax collector and the cunning chief adviser, they must attempt to stand against Death and his minions while resisting the urge to fight amongst themselves. Will they succeed, or will the mortal world descend into darkness and flames with Death’s conquest?


The cover for the newest novel by Richard C. Webb: Death's Conquest